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ok I have something to say about comments I have read on this picture


i’ve read comments like:

  • the victoria secret women are too skinny, unrealistic (some even say they look disgusting)
  • victoria secret women must have eating disorders
  • the women in the dove campaign are much more beautiful than the victoria secret women
  • the women in the dove picture are /real/ women
  • real women have curves and tummies and no thigh gaps

comments like these are body shaming. these things are not okay to say.

both the dove and victoria secret campaign show beautiful women who love their bodies, and want to inspire others to do so. real women have bodies of all shapes and sizes. some women have thin bodies with no curves, some women have fuller figures, some women are thin and still have prominent curves, some women exercise and eat well so they can keep their body healthy! all are bodies to be proud of.

the victoria secret campaign uses their usual models for the “love your body” poster, however dove found “real” women for theirs. nowhere in the dove campaign do I see a woman with a thigh gap, prominent ribs or a smaller chest. these are also real bodies. it’s a huge flaw in an otherwise great concept. an ideal poster would have women of all body types featured (dove, victoria secret and everything in between).

the comments on these pictures should only be positive, all of the women shown are beautiful. the best kind of body is one that is nourished and treasured, regardless of its appearance. stop the body shaming.


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tonight it’s, “it can’t get much worse”;
For when everything in your life pretty much turns to shit and you’re tired of crying about it. This is the soundtrack to bitterness (and a reminder that you’ll be okay). The bible in the drawer “What did it ever do for me” I say.
01.  what makes you haha - masketta fall // 02. dance, dance- fall out boy // 03. sad rude future dude - ball park music // 04. camisado - panic! at the disco  // 05. no hope - the vaccines  // 06. xo - fall out boy // 07. i write sins not tragedies - panic! at the disco // 08. (coffee’s for closers) - fall out boy // 09. tonight tonight - hot chelle rae // 10. tubthumping (i get knocked down but i get up again) - chumbawamba // 11. one foot - fun. // 12. don’t you worry child (lovelectric cover) - swedish house mafia // 13. i’ll be alright - passion pit
listen here
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you are what you love, not who loves you;
e·piph·a·ny: a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into reality or the essential meaning of something. 13 songs that will trigger one (or more). these songs are for you, and you are full of wonder.
01.  save rock and roll - fall out boy // 02. the resolution - jack’s mannequin // 03.  wonder - naughty boy ft. emeli sandé // 04. pompeii - bastille // 05. some nights - fun.  // 06. blood - the middle east  // 07. change your life - little mix // 08. light and day - the polyphonic spree // 09. marchin’ on - one republic // 10. skyscraper  - demi lovato  // 11. i’ll be alright - passion pit  // 12. the opposite of adults - chiddy bang // 13. hoppípolla - sigur rós
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